How Did Apple Become The First Trillion Dollar Company?

Apple becomes the first $1 trillion U.S.


Apple has hit the $1 trillion mark, becoming the first publicly traded company in the U.S.

to reach 13 figures in terms of market value.

Apple shares closed at $207.39 Thursday, pushing the company to a market capitalization past $1 trillion.

Is Apple the first trillion dollar company?

Apple is the world’s first trillion-dollar company

In early morning trading on Thursday, Apple’s stock jumped 2.8 percent and sent the company over a magic hurdle as it became the world’s first private-sector publicly traded company with a market value of $1 trillion (€860 billion).

How did Apple become a trillion dollar company?

Shortly before 9 a.m. PT on Thursday, Apple’s stock hit $207.05 a share, giving it a market capitalization at that trillion-dollar mark. Apple — the biggest public company in the world — had 4,829,926,000 shares outstanding as of July 20, which meant its stock had to hit $207.05 to be worth $1 trillion.

Which company became the first trillion dollar company?


Is Amazon the first trillion dollar company?

Last year, it was a big deal when Apple became the first listed company to reach a $1 trillion valuation. Amazon, now worth around $915 billion, is on pace to join the trillion-dollar club soon, assuming its good fortunes continue.