How Can I Invest In Google Shares?

Can I buy Google shares?

Google stock is expensive, at least dollar-wise.

As I write this, the both stocks (GOOG & GOOGL) are priced at $1,227 or higher!

That means you need at least $12,270 just to buy 10 shares, or $122,700 to buy 100 shares.

However, you can buy as little as one share at a time with any online stockbroker.

How can I invest in Google stocks?

Here’s a quick and easy guide for how to buy Google stock, even if you’re a total investing beginner:

  • Open a brokerage account. Brokerage accounts are trading accounts that you can open with a brokerage company.
  • Execute a buy order.
  • Consider buying mutual funds or ETFs instead.

Is Google stock a good investment?

Google stock trades about 12% below its 1,268.49 cup-with-handle buy point. The impact of the worsening coronavirus crisis on Google’s financial outlook is uncertain. More broadly, the stock market is now in a correction. It’s not a good time to be buying most stocks.

How much does it cost to buy Google stock?

Investing in a stock generally requires you to pay the share price multiplied by the number of shares bought. If you wanted 100 shares of Google (GOOG), now Alphabet Inc., it would cost around $108,000 (100 * $1080.00) as of March 2018. However, there is an alternative method that requires less capital: options.