Question: How Can I Get Paid For Walking?

Apps That Will Pay You to Walk

  • Achievement. Achievement is an app that will pay you to complete a variety of exercises, including walking.
  • Walgreens Balance Rewards. Walgreens will reward you with Balance Rewards points when you walk.
  • StepBet.
  • Sweatcoin.
  • Higi.
  • Charity Miles.
  • MapMyFitness.
  • FitFetti.

Can you actually get paid for walking?

Achievement. With the Achievement app, you can earn money for walking, biking, swimming, and other exercises as tracked via the app. You don’t need a fitness tracker to use Achievement, as it can connect to the activity logged by your mobile phone.

What is the app that gives you money for walking?

Sweatcoin App

Is the getting paid to walk App real?

There are plenty of fitness apps and activity trackers that can count your steps, but now there’s one that will actually pay you for the miles you log. Sweatcoin, which is based in London, awards its users with digital currency — one “coin” for every 1,000 steps you walk or run while using the app.

How can I earn money by walking in India?

  1. Organize Walkathon.
  2. Participate in marathons that give you a prize (especially money) and win.
  3. Walk with a bowl in your hand.
  4. Try to find a delivery job where time isn’t so crucial so that you can walk and deliver the items and earn money.
  5. Become a rickshaw guy and carry people on your rickshaw walking.