How Aggressive Should I Be With Investments?

Invest aggressively while you can

In fact, here’s one allocation rule of thumb: Subtract your age from 100, and invest that percent of your portfolio in equities.

For example, if you’re 25, 75% of your money should be in stock.

How aggressive should my portfolio be?

A simple starting point

Some young, aggressive investors will want to invest in 90 or even 100 percent stocks, whereas many conservative investors will never own 70 percent stocks at age 30, and that’s OK. If you’re new to investing, finding a comfortable allocation between stocks and bonds is a good start.

Should I invest aggressive or moderate?

In practice, this means that aggressive investment options tend to have higher stock allocations while conservative ones generally have more of their assets in fixed-income or bond investments; moderate investment options often are more of a combination of the two.

What does an aggressive portfolio look like?

Aggressive portfolios typically include more stocks than moderate and conservative portfolios, so they tend to produce greater volatility than other types of portfolios that hold lots of fixed investments like bonds.

What is an aggressive investment strategy?

An aggressive investment strategy typically refers to a style of portfolio management that attempts to maximize returns by taking a relatively higher degree of risk. Aggressive investment strategies are typically thought to be suitable for young adults with smaller portfolio sizes.