Can You List On EBay Without PayPal?

You do not need to use Paypal to list an item.

“For most categories, you need to offer at least one electronic payment or Internet merchant credit card option.”

Can you sell on eBay without a PayPal account?

Absolutely. You only need one of the listed acceptable online forms of payment. You could set up an online merchant credit card account through eBay’s portal and you are not restricted to using paypal’s credit card program to do so.

Is there an alternative to PayPal on eBay?

Paymate and ProPay are other services that are similar to PayPal that are accepted on eBay. eBay states that both services have has the same benefits as Moneybookers: payments are traceable, immediate and can be made without registration.

What kind of PayPal account do I need for eBay?

Before opening an eBay Store, be sure you have a: Seller account with your credit card on file. PayPal verified account, and consider upgrading to a PayPal Premier or Business account so you can accept credit card payments from buyers.

Is PayPal still owned by eBay?

Established in 1998 as Confinity, PayPal had its initial public offering in 2002, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay later that year. eBay spun off PayPal in 2015.