Quick Answer: Can I Get My Money Back If I Get Scammed On EBay?

If you are on eBay to buy an item then all your dealings should be on eBay using the tools provided by the platform.

If the seller asks you to send them money directly outside of eBay for a cheaper deal then you steer clear of that because, in case of a scam, eBay will not be able to help you recover your money.

Can you get money back if scammed on eBay?

The seller is no longer registered with eBay, go to PayPal and file your claim for a full refund today – your reason is, ‘buyer no longer registered with eBay’.

How do I get my money back guarantee on eBay?

Get the item you ordered or your money back—it’s that simple.

  • Contact Your Seller. If an item hasn’t arrived or isn’t as. described, go to My eBay, select the.
  • Not resolved? Let us know. If you’ve talked to your seller and the.
  • We’ll get your money back. Fast. You can count on hearing from us within.

Can you get scammed on eBay?

Getting scammed as an eBay buyer. Buying products through eBay is usually straightforward, but some scammers work to defraud innocent people who are just trying to get a good deal. Remember that if an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is.

What if you got scammed on eBay?

Firstly and most easily: pay on collection only. Be wary of any seller who insists on advance payment. Don’t get lured in by a good deal, or insistences that you must deal through eBay. Use PayPal with a credit card, so you’re entitled to a degree of protection over your transactions if it does go south.