Question: Can Facebook Pay You?

While in Facebook’s case, the situation is opposite.

Facebook has already got a huge user base that is using Facebook services on a daily basis.

They don’t pay you because it is them bringing your content and audience together, it’s not you/your content bringing people to the Facebook.

How many views do you need to get paid on facebook?

some peoples thinking about facebook pays per 1000 views or per Million views but you are wrong, Facebook pays per 1000 ads impressions on your videos, it does not depend on the Million views or thousand views.

Can you get paid from Facebook?

Apart from sharing selfies and receiving those notifications, you can be get paid to use facebook. You can how to earn money online from facebook in various ways. You can be get paid for selling facebook page likes. But this way you will not always earn the same amount as it is shown here.

How can I receive payment from Facebook?

In the Messenger app for Android, tap the Profile icon, then scroll down and tap Payments. In the iOS app, tap Settings, then Payments. Tap Add New Debit Card and complete that process. Tap here to access the Payments option in Facebook Messenger.